Buyer will make arrangements directly with the designated PAK MAIL store (the premier partner) for removal.

All items are to be scheduled for removal no later than THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2021

This allows four (4) business days after auction/sale is final day for buyer to make arrangements for removal.

Contact the designated Pak Mail store to arrange for the removal of the art entry from the displayed location within the venue.

  • All art entries that are sold through this auction platform will be removed from their displayed location by a representative of the Pak Mail store that has been partnered with ArtPrize.
  • There will be a minimum handling fee payable directly to Pak Mail for the removal. (See Below for Fees)
  • Contact the designated Pak Mail store at 616-649-3439 or email: to make arrangements for removal and payment of handling fee.
  • Buyer may elect to employ Pak Mail to package and ship on their behalf as well if desired. That arrangement, payment and agreement will be directly between buyer and Pak Mail.
  • Buyer may elect to employ any packaging and shipping source of their choice, however Pak Mail is the only option for removal from the display and the handling fee will still be payable to Pak Mail for that removal.
  • Pak Mail will require a signature from the recipient of the art entry, whether that is the buyer or another entity hired to package and ship on behalf of buyer.

This is in compliance with request by ArtPrize to protect the art entry during removal.

Miedema Auctioneering Inc. is not responsible for the removal of any item sold through the auction system.